2 April 2020  |  WagnerTuningUK
AUDI RS6 4F Intercooler Introduction
8 February 2019  |  WagnerTuningUK
21 September 2018  |  WagnerTuningUK

Limited stock available of our Audi TTRS 8S / RS3 8V (FL) Downpipe Kit
6 September 2018  |  WagnerTuningUK

Downpipe Kit with 200CPSI Racing catalyst converter for Mercedes Benz W176 (CL)A 45 AMG

Made out of high quality stainless steel 1.4301 (SS304)
Diameter before and after catalyst Ø76mm
200CPSI EU6 Racing Metal Catalytic Converter 
100% perfect fit, replace OEM
Less thermal load on the turbocharger
More power by reducing back pressure
Significantly more torque
Weight: 7,5kg

27 April 2018  |  WagnerTuningUK
Available soon ... VAG 2.0TSI Gen3 fwd Competition Package

The Competition package for VAG models 2,0TSI Gen3 fwd consists of the intercooler upgrade kit and the downpipe kit.

1 March 2018  |  WagnerTuningUK
Simon Harpers - Golf 7.5R Project

Volkswagen Driver Magazine - Project 7.5R Feature

Over the last few months Volkswagen Driver Magazine have been following Simon Harper and his Golf Mk7.5R Project car.

28 February 2018  |  WagnerTuningUK

NV Motorsport - Seat Leon Cupra 280 Stage 3 @ 467 Bhp

Check out the video in our blog

27 February 2018  |  WagnerTuningUK
VRT - Golf 7R

VRT insist on using the best products on thier customer cars.

26 February 2018  |  WagnerTuningUK
Audi TTRS 8S Intercoolers and Downpipe kits Coming Soon!

Coming soon we will be releasing our Intercooler and down pipe solutions for the awesome Audi 8S TTRS.

26 February 2018  |  WagnerTuningUK
TPS-Performance BMW M2 Stage 3

After test runs on the road and test bench they now offer our stage 3 to 475 HP and 660 NM

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