Head Stud Set nickled for BMW N55 Engine

Head Stud Set nickled for BMW N55 Engine
Head Stud Set nickled for BMW N55 EngineHead Stud Set nickled for BMW N55 EngineHead Stud Set nickled for BMW N55 EngineHead Stud Set nickled for BMW N55 EngineHead Stud Set nickled for BMW N55 Engine
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Product Code:  P102061410.VN


Special Order from Germany

BMW N55 engine Pro-Series 18.8 cylinder head stud bolt set

This set replaces the original cylinder head bolts with high-strength Pro-Series 18.8 stud bolts. This is necessary in the case of significant power increases, as the original cylinder head bolts can elongate during operation and the cylinder head can lift off. The Pro-Series 18.8 stud bolts with a tensile strength of 1850 N/mm² provide a remedy for this. In addition, these stud bolts do not need to be replaced after disassembly, but can be reused.

Technical details:
Part number: P102061410.VN
Kit contents:
4 stud bolts (M9)
10 stud bolts (M11)
4 nuts (M9)
10 nuts (M11)
14 washers
Assembly lubricant
Assembly instructions

Tensile strength:
Pro-Series 18.8 steel
1850+ N/mm² (270,000+ PSI)

High-quality materials and manufacturing
The Pro-Series 18.8 sets are high-strength stud bolts made in Germany. A special steel is used, which has a tensile strength of 1850+ N/mm² after tempering. All threads are formed and not cut as is customary in the trade. By rolling the threads, the strength of the tooth flanks can be increased by around 30%. All Pro-Series products are supplied with a nickel coating or optionally with a burnished finish and are therefore protected against corrosion in the long term, even under the toughest conditions.

Easy installation and durability
Pro-Series stud bolts have a hexagon socket drive on the head side for screwing in the stud bolts. Thanks to a cone on the engine block side of the stud, these are not supported on the thread flanks when the nuts are tightened, but in the bore of the thread in the engine block. This support protects the threads during frequent assembly of racing engines. A major advantage of Pro-Series over other manufacturers are the nuts and, if necessary, washers included in the set, as these also have a tensile strength of 1850 N/mm².

Application list:
from year of construction 2009 - 2015
135i E82/E88 306PS
135i E82/E88 326PS
M135i F20/F21 320PS
M135i F20/F21 326PS
M235i F22/F23 326PS
M2 F87 Coupe 370PS
335i F30/F31/F34/F35 306PS
335i F30/F31/F34/F35 326PS
335i F30/F31/F34/F35 340PS
335i E90/E91/E92/E93 306PS
335i E90/E91/E92/E93 326PS
435i F32/F33/F36 306PS
435i F32/F33/F36 340PS
535i F07 Gran Turismo 306PS
535i F10 306PS
535i F10/F11/F18 326PS
535i F11 Touring 306PS
640i F12/F13/F06 320PS
740i F01/F02/F03/F04 320PS
X1 35i E84 (USA) 306PS
X3 35i F25 306PS
X4 35i F26 306PS
X4 M40i F26 360PS
X5 35i F15 306PS
X5 35i E70 306PS
X6 35i E71 306PS

Made in Germany

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