Audi TTRS 8J EVO3 Competition Package

Audi TTRS 8J EVO3 Competition Package
Audi TTRS 8J EVO3 Competition PackageAudi TTRS 8J EVO3 Competition PackageAudi TTRS 8J EVO3 Competition PackageAudi TTRS 8J EVO3 Competition PackageAudi TTRS 8J EVO3 Competition Package
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Experience ultimate performance and breathtaking cooling with our Wagner Tuning Competition Packet EVO3, tailor-made for the Audi Audi TTRS 8J. This kit sets new standards in terms of performance and takes your driving experience to unimagined heights.

The Wagner Tuning Competition Package EVO3 for the Audi TTRS 8J consists of the Intercooler Upgrade Kit EVO3 and the Downpipe Kit.

The Wagner tuning competition package EVO3 for the Audi Audi TTRS 8J is suitable for the following vehicles:
Audi TTRS 8J 250KW/340PS (2009-2014)
Audi TTRS plus 8J 265KW/360PS (2009-2014)

Intercooler Upgrade Kit 200001056

The Competition intercooler kit EVO3 for Audi TTRS 8J now available with TÜV parts certificate and in two different mesh variants

Important: We recommend using the standard version for power classes up to 600 hp and the X version for power classes from 600 hp.

The high-performance intercooler has the following net dimensions (515mm x 367[274]mm x 95mm) and thus offers a 120% larger flow area and 142% more charge air volume compared to the original intercooler. The newly developed competition high-performance mesh ensures sufficient airflow to the adjacent components, such as the water cooler, and is also very light. The end boxes of the intercooler are made of cast aluminium and have been optimised using flow analysis in the CAD system. Integrated air baffles at the inlet ensure that the charge air cooler is filled evenly. The result is excellent cooling properties with minimal back pressure. This kit is therefore just right for racing. The intercooler and the original crossbar form a stable unit and weigh only 11.2 kg thanks to the new competition high-performance mesh. It is fitted to the original mounting points and is easy to install (1:1 replacement). Optimum cooling of the supercharged air with a significant increase in performance! The connection diameter is 68mm on both sides.

All our products are subject to constant quality control.

Kit comes with:
1 intercooler together with the crossbar
1 mounting material
1 set of license plate holders
1 set of installation instructions

OEM intercooler: Cooling Surface 856cm² / Charge-Air-Volume 6,8L
Wagner Tuning EVO1 Performance: Cooling Surface 856cm² / Charge-Air-Volume 9,4L
Wagner Tuning EVO2 Competition: Cooling Surface 1391cm² / Charge-Air-Volume 13,2L
Wagner Tuning EVO3 Competition: Cooling Surface 1890cm² / Charge-Air-Volume 16,5L

Hosenrohr Kit 500001003
Discover the Wagner Tuning dowpipe Kit for the Audi TTRS 8J with catalytic converter - the ultimate solution for maximum performance and incomparable driving pleasure.

- Diameter from 90mm to 2 x 70mm: For optimum airflow and improved performance.
- High-quality stainless steel 1.4301 (SS304): Our downpipe kit is made from high quality stainless steel for maximum durability and corrosion resistance.
- Without pre-cat: Designed for improved exhaust flow and optimum performance.
- 1 Lambda probe connection: For precise exhaust gas control and optimum power delivery.
- 2 racing main catalytic converters (100 cells/inch): Our high-performance main catalytic converters ensure maximum exhaust gas purification and meet the highest performance standards.
- 100% perfect fit, simply replace with standard part: Our downpipe kit is perfectly matched to your vehicle and can be easily exchanged for the standard part, without additional adjustments.
- Less thermal load on the turbocharger: The improved exhaust gas flow reduces the thermal load on your turbocharger, which increases durability and performance.
- More power through back pressure reduction: Our downpipe kit has been developed to reduce back pressure and increase the performance of your vehicle, both on the road and on the race track.
- Significantly more torque: Feel the difference with a significant increase in torque, giving your vehicle an impressive performance boost.
- Suitable for Audi TTRS 8J (except vehicles with a propshaft 8J0521101AB): Designed for a wide range of Audi models to ensure optimum performance.
- Compatible with the original main catalytic converters: Our downpipe kit is fully compatible with the original main catalytic converters for easy installation and seamless integration.

Experience the ultimate performance and driving pleasure with our downpipe kit for the Audi TTRS 8J - your first choice for outstanding performance and unparalleled driving experiences.

The Wagner Tuning downpipe Kit suitable for Audi TTRS 8J with catalytic converter

not approved in the area of the STVO
Error display in the DME possible

Disclaimer for catalytic converters

It should be noted that Wagner Tuning catalytic converters are intended for use on OEM vehicles for performance optimization. They are NOT intended for use in conjunction with ECU tuning. Wagner Tuning GmbH & Co. Kg. accepts no responsibility for damage caused by modifications to a vehicle, such as a tuned ECU and/or 'burble' style tunes. Wagner Tuning GmbH & Co. Kg. is also not responsible for damage caused by engine malfunctions that create rich/lean conditions that are detrimental to the catalytic converter. All claims regarding a catalytic converter are subject to a warranty check. In order for a warranty to be honored, Wagner Tuning GmbH & Co. Kg. requires the purchaser to prove that the engine has been set up unchanged and in accordance with the original manufacturer's specifications and has been kept in proper working order. The end user assumes all responsibility for the legality of the use of a non-OEM catalytic converter on their vehicle for the region in which it is used.

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