BMW 5/6 Series G30/31/32 Competition Intercooler Kit

BMW 5/6 Series G30/31/32 Competition Intercooler Kit
BMW 5/6 Series G30/31/32 Competition Intercooler KitBMW 5/6 Series G30/31/32 Competition Intercooler KitBMW 5/6 Series G30/31/32 Competition Intercooler KitBMW 5/6 Series G30/31/32 Competition Intercooler Kit
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Optimize the performance of your BMW with our Wagner Tuning Competition high-performance intercooler!

Want to unleash the full potential of your BMW? Our Competition high-performance intercooler is the answer to your performance needs and offers:

Our intercooler sets new standards. With impressive intercooler core dimensions of 570 mm x 236 mm x 150 mm (stepped), it offers an astonishing 70% larger flow area and a substantial 112% more charge air volume compared to the standard intercooler. This results in a noticeable increase in power and a better overall driving experience.

Our high performance Intercooler core is specially designed and stands out for its quality. It consists of a Tube Fin core with internal turbulators, which provides optimal airflow and heat dissipation.

Although our intercooler is large, it weighs only 10.5 kg. This means that you can increase the performance of your BMW without increasing the weight, which has a positive effect on driving dynamics.

Through extensive flow optimization in the CAD system, the cast aluminium end boxes of our intercooler ensure excellent cooling performance with minimal back pressure. This is crucial for efficient performance enhancement. All our charge air coolers are equipped with an anti-corrosion coating that not only prevents rust, but also has heat conduction properties. This provides durable and optimal cooling, which in turn improves performance.

Our intercooler comes as a complete ready-to-install kit that allows for easy replacement with the stock intercooler - plug and play. It is still possible to use the original intercooler hoses. We subject all of our products to rigorous quality monitoring to ensure you receive only the best.

It's time to take your BMW's performance to a new level. With our Competition high-performance intercooler, you can expect more power, better cooling and an overall improved driving experience.Experience the future of performance enhancement. Invest in quality and boost your BMW's performance with our Competition high-performance intercooler!

Advantages of the Wagner Tuning intercooler:
- improved cooling performance
- 70% larger inflow area
- 112% more charge air volume
- optimised air flow
- Minimal back pressure
- Plug and Play

Competition Intercooler Kit for BMW G30/31 518-540d G32 620-640d
BMW G30/G31 518d MKB: B47 110KW/150PS (2018+) *.
BMW G30/G31 520d MKB: B47 140KW/190PS (2017-2020) *
BMW G30/G31 525d MKB: B47 170KW/231PS (2017-2019) *
BMW G30/G31 530d MKB: B57 195-210KW/265-286PS (2017-07/2020) *
BMW G30/G31 540d MKB: B57 235-250KW/320-340HP (2017-07/2020) *
BMW G32 620d MKB: B47 140KW/190PS (2018-2020) *
BMW G32 630d MKB: B57 195-210KW/265-286PS (2017-07/2020) *
BMW G32 640d MKB: B57 235-250KW/320-340PS (2017-07/2020) *
BMW G11/12 740d MKB: B57 235-250KW/320-340PS (2017-07/2020) *
BMW G14/15/16 840d MKB: B57 235-250KW/320-340PS (2017-07/2020) *
*not suitable for facelift vehicles with XD5O engine.
*not suitable for facelift vehicle from 07/2020 onwards

Core Dimensions original intercooler:
545mm x 145mm x 96mm
V=7,6 liter
A=790 cm²

Core Dimensions Wagner Tuning intercooler:
570mm x 236mm x 150mm / stepped
V=16,2 Liter
A=1345 cm²

Part number 200001116
Kit comes with:
1 intercooler (black coated)
1 installation instruction

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